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Turtle Run Winery Tasting at The Vats With Jim and Son Joe

The Turtle Run Winery

Written by Julie Greiner
The Turtle Run Winery is located just outside of Louisville across the river in the area of Lanesville, Indiana. The vineyard will soon be expanded to cover over 60 acres
which will include varieties of chamborcin, vignoles, chardonel, traminette cabernet, sauvignon, cabernet frac and seyval blanc. At Turtle Run Winery the goal is to produce exceptional quality wine which can be enjoyed with both food and friends.

History of Turtle Run Winery

The vineyard sits in the Ohio Valley Appellation, the first area in the Untied States assigned and designated as a prime growing region. From the original 10 acre vineyard, there were plantings of four top notch varieties including chamborcin, vignoles, chardonel and traminette. The vineyards were planted in 1998 and
Turtle Run Winery Office with Laura and Son Max
with the fall of 2000 came the first crop of vintage. This is a small young winery, family owned and operated - with much detail to each aspect of the development of the growth of the vineyard and aging of the product. Much research went into the decision of where to establish the vineyard and what wines were suite for the area. This winery specializes in premium red, white, dry and sweet wine.

Wines Available For Tasting

Red Wines - Chambourcin estate bottled. This estate grown variety seen next to the driveway releases flavors such as wild cherry and tea. This lighter styled red
will enhance most meat dishes and certainly pizza. Zinfandel - Maroon Laura's Barrel. This complex, single barrel bottling provides an exceedingly long delicious aftertaste. Oaky and incredibly buttery, this smooth red should be a delight. Zinfandel - Maroon Capsule. Very complex, spicy, oaky, with a deep, ever changing aftertaste, this red is sure to please those who like a complex wine. Zinfandel - Green Capsule. One of the most versatile grape varieties, the zinfandel can show its charm as both a red and white wine. Left on
Joe and Champ Returning From The Turtle Run Winery Chambourcin Vineyard
the grape skins for only a short time,this easy drinking red captures the flavors of pepper, blackberry, apricot and coffee. Zinfandel - Black Capusle. With three times the amount of grape skins at pressing, this complex, well-rounded, fruity red was born. Try this wine with your heartier fares such as steak or lasagna. Zinfandel - Gold Capsule. This port style zin is very different... without the alcohol of a port! The flavors of purple plum, cherry6 and jams explode from your glass with an intensity that will linger for awhile. We recommend just enjoying a small glass of this after dinner in front of the fire. Blackberry - This was just a nice, decent blackberry wine from New York berries,w hen we finished fermenting it this summer. That wasn't good enough for us. Therefore, we hand picked through thorns the wild blackberries that run between our two vineyards, carefully fermented and then added them to the existing wine. The result... a more fruit-forward, very berry blackberry wine. Concord - One sniff of this wine and - grapes! We think jam and jelly and hopefully you will too. Grape juice with a kick! White Wines:Chardonel - The wonderful grapes from which we created this wine were Indiana grown. This variety will become estate bottled this year since our vines will be producing in 2002. The crisp, clean wine, with hints of pineapple and dried fruit, is great with seafood and poultry. Seyval Blanc - Gold Capsule. Aged for 3 months in oak barrels, this enjoyable white weaves flavors of pear, butter and vanilla together to create a wine for many occasions. Seyval Blanc - An off dry smooth white wine, with both herbaceous and fruity flavors, see if you can taste herbs, grapefruit and tangerine. Seyval would go well with any fish or chicken dinner.

The winery is open on weekends from 12 noon till 5 p.m. and by appointment during the week. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or not, you will find a wine to your preference a the Turtle Run Winery. Give Jim or Laura a call for directions and/or tour information at: 866-2-TURTLE.

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